User Guide and In Conference Controls

SmarterCalls has lots of in conference controls to use during a call. Download our user guide to get to know how to:

  1. Set up a conference call
  2. Get all the international dial in numbers you need
  3. Find out the in-conference controls to record calls and more.

SmarterCalls Conference Call User Guide


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Scottish Independence – Dialling Code

The Scottish independence vote is only five days aways and with polls almost too close to call, I’ve been wondering what the international conference call number for Scotland would be?

The UK and Scotland could decided to share the +44 code, for example the US and UK share +1. When Czechoslovakia split in two both countries got to new three digit international codes, as did South Sudan in 2011. If Scotland decides it doesn’t want to share the UK’s +44 access code, there are a number of options.

Options for Scottish Dial In Number

Options for Scottish Dial In Number

It could be be given the vacant +42 code used by Czechoslovakia until its breakup, but this would probably prove to be a controversial move. The most likely numbers are either +422 or +424 which are currently unassigned.

A famous Scots inventor, would probably care about this number.

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LinkedIn Endorsements or Faint Condemnation

Yesterday an old friend and colleague endorsed me on LinkedIn which was wonderful but on the other hand endorsed me for Management! Is there anything more tragic, I mean it’s like saying ‘hey you’re a great bureaucrat!” or maybe doesn’t say anything at all.

Image of LinkedIn Endorsement

The Tragic Endorsement

To be fair to Richard he probably just clicked on the suggestions boxes which appear on LinkedIn asking you whether you’d like to endorse. But still is this all he remembers me for?

This got me thinking about other tragic endorsements, over the next week or so I’ll start to list them here and what they really mean. If you have any suggestions tell me.

1. Management aka ‘Nothing really’

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Stateside love for the fundraising conference call

It’s great to be recognised isn’t it? Especially when a someone thousands of miles away points out how cool our conference call service is and what it does for charities.

Lauren at tech marketing site widesmiler covered SmarterCalls in one of her posts. Go ahead and read Do Your Work *and* Save the World, Here’s How . Ahem, we’re British so we’re a little more modest in our claims but by using SmarterCalls, you will make the world a little bit of a better place.

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The SmarterCalls Difference!

Businesses around the globe – both big and small – require constant connectivity with remote employees, managers and teams that are scattered in different parts of the world. These people therefore opt for the new age conference calling systems to meet, discuss, decide and transact across the telephone or internet waves. But most conference callers often complain of dropped calls, static noise and other frequent disturbances that constantly disrupt the communication and make it difficult for them to work together.

And this is why many companies are now turning to SmarterCalls – an advanced international conference calling service that not only offers free conference calls but also ensures high quality connections anytime and anywhere. In other words, the company does not get burdened down by exorbitant bridging fees and additional call charges for arranging the conference call. Each caller participating in the conference call also has to foot nothing but the cost of his own call. Moreover, the international dial in access numbers further reduce the cost of international conference calls to almost your local call and nothing more!

Again, at SmarterCalls user assistance is of prime importance – it even offers unique online meeting spaces that make conference calling more visual, expressive and productive. And callers no longer have to worry about the quality of the conference call either as SmarterCalls ensures high quality connections without any disruptions whatsoever.

There’s still more. The icing on the cake is that you can even make a difference to the less privileged simply by using this conference calling service. This is because we  donate 1.2p of every UK conference call to charity.

Need we say more!


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SmarterCalls raises money for Save the Children, MCS and the Children’s Hospital

Our users were asked to choose who to give the £250 they’d generated when making conference calls with us. They couldn’t decide so we gave money to all three charities.

I know our vote counting process took longer than an election in a banana republic but we can proudly announce the results are in. Rest assured the process itself was fair and above board quite unlike a banana republic.

We asked you who we should donate the £209.88 we’d raised from the shared cost conference call service. There were three contenders Save the Children Syria Appeal, the Marine Conservation Society and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Thanks to everyone who responded, the results are as follows:

  1. Birmingham Children’s Hospital – 11%
  2. Marine Conservation Society – 11%
  3. Save the Children Syria Appeal – 33%
  4. Split between all of them – 44%

So despite not being an official option, most people suggested splitting the money between the charities. So we’ve decided that’s what we’ll do, as well as adding to the pot and making it £250.

We’ll be giving each charity £88 to support some of the essential work they’re doing.

We’re creating SmarterCalls because we believe small good actions when aggregated can make a real and lasting difference. The small good action is to make a conference call with SmarterCalls. This makes days like this really satisfying because it proves it.

Thank you to each of you for choosing to make a conference call with SmarterCalls. We rely on you to continue using us and recommending us so we can continue to raise money for good causes through conference calls.

And here’s a message from Sanjay at the Marine Conservation Society:

“We’re really happy to have received a donation. It’s through the support of companies like SmarterCalls that MCS is able to continue to protects our seas, shores and wildlife. Thanks to all the team.”

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You’ve helped raise £209.88p, which charity shall we donate it to?

We need your help to decide which charity to donate revenue raised from some of our conference calls.

At Smartercalls we support charities by generating revenue for them whenever you make a conference call. They have specific pages on our site where their supporters can choose to raise money for them. Over the past few months we’ve raised money for Save The Children, The Marine Conservation Society and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We also set aside money from our general Smartercalls service, which isn’t assigned to any particular charity. We’ve raised £209.88p and I need your help in deciding how the money should be split. The three charities are:

1. Save The Children Syria Appeal

2. The Marine Conservation Society

3. The Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Please reply to this email with your vote.

To help us raise even more keep conference calling with us! If you can please help us grow by sharing our service with friends and colleagues. They can sign up at

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Happy Conference Calling in 2014

Everyone at SmarterCalls hopes you have a great 2014 and would like to say a “Thank You” for your continued support 2013.

If you have any New Year resolutions, take a look at this 5 minute TED talk by Matt Cutts of Google – it’s about trying something new for 30 days and how that’s enough time for it to become a habit.

This year we became much more than a conference calling service. We share 50% of our conference call revenue with charities. Our goal is to establish an EveryMinute foundation where we’re able to support specific projects directly through the conference call revenue we generate. This year we’ve supported the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Save the Children, the Marine Conservation Society and a Homeless Outreach project in Birmingham. We’ve been able to feed over 100 homeless people in Birmingham, support 40 Syrian child refugees and contribute to the £4M Cancer Centre appeal for the Children’s Hospital. We’d like to do a lot more so please share SmarterCalls with your friends and colleagues. You can find out more about our EveryMinute charities by visiting the EveryMinute page.

We’ve also improved the collaboration products – you can now use SmarterCalls to manage, share files and communicate throughout your project. By rolling out multiple project support you can now keep all your files, tasks and conference calls all in one place. There’s no longer any need to use different apps for different things – file sharing, conference calling, task management and online whiteboards are all in the same persistent SmarterCalls project space.

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Make a Conference Call, Raise Money for the Children’s Hospital

Support the £4M Cancer Centre appealHowever you feel the next time you’re on that long conference call, if your company is using the SmarterCalls service you can take satisfaction that you being on the call is making a difference. With the idea that talking should make a difference, SmarterCalls and Birmingham Children’s Hospital have teamed up to launch a service that raises money for the hospital.

Businesses use conference calls every day for sales presentations, team meetings and regular updates.  Conference call companies charge for providing the service usually on a per minute basis, the genius of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital conference calling service is that 50% of the revenue raised goes to the charity.

“I collected aluminium cans for my junior school, I quickly learnt that individual contributions can add up to a lot of money“ says Ben Karim, co-founder of SmarterCalls. “That’s really the thinking behind what we’re doing. Each call is a small amount and it doesn’t cost anyone extra to use the service, but when added up it makes a big difference – I suppose you could call it crowd funding!”

Eventually the service hopes to become a sustainable and growing fund raiser for the charity too, since once a user is signed up, no matter when they use it money will be donated.

The hospital charity has a reputation for trying creative ways to raise money and as a cherished institution in the region, it’s hoping local businesses will support the service.

Emma Bryant, Corporate Fundraising Manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, said:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by SmarterCalls to receive 50% of their revenue made through their conference call system.

“We’re well over half way now with our £4million Cancer Centre Appeal which will fund significant improvements to our cancer unit, which sees 3,000 cancer patients and their families from across the UK every year. The current facility is over 30 years old and has completely outgrown its current environment. New facilities and accommodation will include age-appropriate play zones, better communal areas for families and an improved outpatients area, which is now busier than ever before.

“Patients with cancer who are cared for at Birmingham Children’s Hospital are some of the sickest young children in the region and this money will help with the desperately needed upgrade to their surroundings.”

So next time you’re arranging a conference call perhaps talking really will make a difference.

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Our cloud based collaboration tools now support multiple projects

Until recently, our cloud based collaboration tools, only allowed one project. This was a limitation that was becoming a problem for some of our users who were working on multiple projects and wanted more control over their content and collaborator access.

All of our services now support multiple projects (even our Instant Accounts now have 5 free projects). This allows a natural approach to segregating work and who you collaborate with. Each project now has :

  • A unique PIN, access url and pass-phrase for collaborators.
  • Real-time online whiteboard, stickyboard, task list and file area.

If you login to your account you will now see a link called ‘Projects’ on the top of your collaboration space in the links section. If you click the link, you will be taken to the projects space where you can create, rename and delete projects. See the screenshots below. As usual, if you have any feedback or suggestions please get in touch.

Online collaboration tools - multiple projects link

Online collaboration tools – multiple projects link

Online collaboration tools - project management

Online collaboration tools – project management

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