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SmarterCalls raises money for Save the Children, MCS and the Children’s Hospital

Our users were asked to choose who to give the £250 they’d generated when making conference calls with us. They couldn’t decide so we gave money to all three charities. I know our vote counting process took longer than an … Continue reading

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You’ve helped raise £209.88p, which charity shall we donate it to?

We need your help to decide which charity to donate revenue raised from some of our conference calls. At Smartercalls we support charities by generating revenue for them whenever you make a conference call. They have specific pages on our … Continue reading

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Happy Conference Calling in 2014

Everyone at SmarterCalls hopes you have a great 2014 and would like to say a “Thank You” for your continued support 2013. If you have any New Year resolutions, take a look at this 5 minute TED talk by Matt … Continue reading

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Make a Conference Call, Raise Money for the Children’s Hospital

However you feel the next time you’re on that long conference call, if your company is using the SmarterCalls service you can take satisfaction that you being on the call is making a difference. With the idea that talking should … Continue reading

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EveryMinute Is Up and Running

We’ve been discussing the EveryMinute idea with charities over the last few weeks. The idea of using conference call minutes as a means to generate donations for non-profits has really been taken up with some enthusiasm. So today we’ve set … Continue reading

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Use the Stickyboard to Collect Information on a Topic

It’s often useful to collect all the information on a particular topic into a single place. It’s a good way to start answering a question, like for example in our case we were asking: “How can we raise more money … Continue reading

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EveryMinute Raises £118 for Save the Children

EveryMinute is a simple enough idea, every time someone dials into a conference call from the UK, we give 1p per minute to a charity. It’s a type of cause marketing since every time someone uses the service it triggers … Continue reading

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