Make a Conference Call, Raise Money for the Children’s Hospital

Support the £4M Cancer Centre appealHowever you feel the next time you’re on that long conference call, if your company is using the SmarterCalls service you can take satisfaction that you being on the call is making a difference. With the idea that talking should make a difference, SmarterCalls and Birmingham Children’s Hospital have teamed up to launch a service that raises money for the hospital.

Businesses use conference calls every day for sales presentations, team meetings and regular updates.  Conference call companies charge for providing the service usually on a per minute basis, the genius of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital conference calling service is that 50% of the revenue raised goes to the charity.

“I collected aluminium cans for my junior school, I quickly learnt that individual contributions can add up to a lot of money“ says Ben Karim, co-founder of SmarterCalls. “That’s really the thinking behind what we’re doing. Each call is a small amount and it doesn’t cost anyone extra to use the service, but when added up it makes a big difference – I suppose you could call it crowd funding!”

Eventually the service hopes to become a sustainable and growing fund raiser for the charity too, since once a user is signed up, no matter when they use it money will be donated.

The hospital charity has a reputation for trying creative ways to raise money and as a cherished institution in the region, it’s hoping local businesses will support the service.

Emma Bryant, Corporate Fundraising Manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, said:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by SmarterCalls to receive 50% of their revenue made through their conference call system.

“We’re well over half way now with our £4million Cancer Centre Appeal which will fund significant improvements to our cancer unit, which sees 3,000 cancer patients and their families from across the UK every year. The current facility is over 30 years old and has completely outgrown its current environment. New facilities and accommodation will include age-appropriate play zones, better communal areas for families and an improved outpatients area, which is now busier than ever before.

“Patients with cancer who are cared for at Birmingham Children’s Hospital are some of the sickest young children in the region and this money will help with the desperately needed upgrade to their surroundings.”

So next time you’re arranging a conference call perhaps talking really will make a difference.

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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