Conference Call Statistics

My daughter is learning the basics of probability and statistics at school right now. Taking a sample of nearly 500 conference calls with at least two different people dialling in. I took my own refresher course in conference call statistics.

So how long does a typical conference call last? The mean value is 27 minutes, whereas the most frequent duration (mode) is 22 minutes. Laying out the duration for each call in an ordered line, we found the middle value (median) to be 23 minutes. The standard deviation (a measure of how spread the data is) is 20 minutes.

Histogram of Conference Call Length

This suggests conference calls are typically shorter than a face to face meeting. ThisĀ  makes sense as that’s probably what they are suited to since it can be difficult to maintain attention and engagement the longer a call goes on or the more people involved.

Number of lines into a conference call

Exploring the number of lines into a call, we find that by far the most common is number is 1! Why is this the case? The average call length for such calls is around 5 minutes i.e. the time you’d usually wait for someone to turn up to a call before hanging up.

Looking at calls with at least two people dialling in the average (mean) number of lines into a conference call is 4 and the median is 3.

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