Did your school ever collect aluminium cans?

I remember collecting aluminium cans for my school when I was young, each can was worth 1p, and we managed to replace the schools curtains. For me the important lesson was that small regular contributions in large numbers can make a massive difference. This was the inspiration for Smartercalls and EveryMinute.

Our EveryMinute (www.smartercalls.com/everyminute.html) service allows a charity to raise money whenever a supporter arranges a conference call with SmarterCalls. A portion of the income raised from the call is shared with your charity. It doesn’t cost callers more than a regular conference call. For users this is a no brainer, why not give some of the cost of the call to a charity rather than a big multinational? It doesn’t cost more with the same high quality Smartercalls service. We share the revenue we generate with charities and good causes in the UK, for each minute our service is used we give a nominated charity 1p.

Last year we worked with WaterAid and gave them 10% of our revenue. We’re looking for 10 other suitable charities to work with this year. If you’re a charity wanting to take part or you’d like to nominate one, please contact us and tell us about it.

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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