EveryMinute Raises £118 for Save the Children

EveryMinute is a simple enough idea, every time someone dials into a conference call from the UK, we give 1p per minute to a charity. It’s a type of cause marketing since every time someone uses the service it triggers a donation from us. This explains the name EveryMinute. We’ve been doing it for a while now but never really disclosed the fact that we’re sharing our revenue because the next question would be how much? As a start-up we weren’t sure whether we wanted to make this public, because it would show everyone how big we are.

And companies need to look like bigger than they are so that others businesses will trade with them. Like puffed up roosters walking around a farm looking to attract the hens, they  have virtual assistants and prestigious addresses all with the aim of looking more established.

We’ve decided to be completely open so we can tell you how much we’ve raised over the last three months so you can help us grow and raise more.

From the 1st of May to the 31st of July we sold 11,785 UK conference call minutes, meaning we raised £117.86p in the quarter. We gave the money to Save the Children’s Syria Appeal.

Here’s a message we received from Anne Cooper Beresford of Save the Children:

“Thank you so much for making a donation today. Your gift …. will help us continue our vital work providing Syrian refugee children with the basics they need and emotional support for the horrors they’ve been through.”

Remember you can make a donation on their website.

Watch Kat Carter of Save the Children explain why help is needed in Syria. It’s a tragic situation with lots of support needed from the outside world.

Update 28/10/2013 – a Twitter message from Kat

@SmarterCalls thank you so much! That’s enough for enough bread for 40 Syrian child refugees for a week :) much appreciated!

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