Great Idea – Iteration

Starting first, doesn’t mean you finish first – it’s the final product which counts

It’s very rare for a great product to come fully formed, usually the best are not new ideas but existing ideas which nave been refined and improved over many relentless iterations.

Google wasn’t the first search engine, there were others before it like AltaVista, Yahoo and Infoseek. It was though the first to discover a dramatically better way of making search results much more relevant to a user.

Famously, Apple didn’t invent the smartphone – RIM and Nokia have been releasing them for nearly a decade but it was the first to discard the idea that a smartphone UI had to achieve different things than a traditional desktop interface.

At SmarterCalls we work hard to iteratively improve our products, to give our customers an experience that makes them more productive and creative every single day. For us the ‘iterative’ method only works though if you do two things:

  1. Learn and make changes rapidly
  2. Quickly identify and dump bad ideas

Whilst we’re all for trying to improve ideas, as a small company we have limited resources, lots of ideas so we need to dump bad ones as quickly as possible in order to survive.

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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