Scottish Independence – Dialling Code

The Scottish independence vote is only five days aways and with polls almost too close to call, I’ve been wondering what the international conference call number for Scotland would be?

The UK and Scotland could decided to share the +44 code, for example the US and UK share +1. When Czechoslovakia split in two both countries got to new three digit international codes, as did South Sudan in 2011. If Scotland decides it doesn’t want to share the UK’s +44 access code, there are a number of options.

Options for Scottish Dial In Number

Options for Scottish Dial In Number

It could be be given the vacant +42 code used by Czechoslovakia until its breakup, but this would probably prove to be a controversial move. The most likely numbers are either +422 or +424 which are currently unassigned.

A famous Scots inventor, would probably care about this number.

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