The SmarterCalls Difference!

Businesses around the globe – both big and small – require constant connectivity with remote employees, managers and teams that are scattered in different parts of the world. These people therefore opt for the new age conference calling systems to meet, discuss, decide and transact across the telephone or internet waves. But most conference callers often complain of dropped calls, static noise and other frequent disturbances that constantly disrupt the communication and make it difficult for them to work together.

And this is why many companies are now turning to SmarterCalls – an advanced international conference calling service that not only offers free conference calls but also ensures high quality connections anytime and anywhere. In other words, the company does not get burdened down by exorbitant bridging fees and additional call charges for arranging the conference call. Each caller participating in the conference call also has to foot nothing but the cost of his own call. Moreover, the international dial in access numbers further reduce the cost of international conference calls to almost your local call and nothing more!

Again, at SmarterCalls user assistance is of prime importance – it even offers unique online meeting spaces that make conference calling more visual, expressive and productive. And callers no longer have to worry about the quality of the conference call either as SmarterCalls ensures high quality connections without any disruptions whatsoever.

There’s still more. The icing on the cake is that you can even make a difference to the less privileged simply by using this conference calling service. This is because we  donate 1.2p of every UK conference call to charity.

Need we say more!


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