There’s only one rare earth and this is it

Going back to my theme on the real rare earth, I’ve been thinking about better communication can help us make more productive, protect the environment and help us make better use of the precious time we have whilst we’re alive.

Sitting in a car driving to a meeting, especially in lots of traffic is such a waste of so many things. You’re time, energy and all the while pumping out greenhouse gases into the air. I guess that’s why I came up with the idea of Smartercalls or as it was originally called Plandoh. I wanted to free peoples time and whilst doing so make them more creative as they’d have more energy to thinking and discussing rather than expending getting from one place or another.

The great idea right now, is the value of networks i.e. the more connected you and the wider network is the greater flow of information can take place and it can be built upon more rapidly. We’re hoping Smartercalls makes it easier for you to connect with people in enriching mult-sensory manner and as a result you’ll do it more often and will encounter greater opportunities to develop ideas and achieve your goals.

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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