SmarterCalls raises money for Save the Children, MCS and the Children’s Hospital

Our users were asked to choose who to give the £250 they’d generated when making conference calls with us. They couldn’t decide so we gave money to all three charities.

I know our vote counting process took longer than an election in a banana republic but we can proudly announce the results are in. Rest assured the process itself was fair and above board quite unlike a banana republic.

We asked you who we should donate the £209.88 we’d raised from the shared cost conference call service. There were three contenders Save the Children Syria Appeal, the Marine Conservation Society and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Thanks to everyone who responded, the results are as follows:

  1. Birmingham Children’s Hospital – 11%
  2. Marine Conservation Society – 11%
  3. Save the Children Syria Appeal – 33%
  4. Split between all of them – 44%

So despite not being an official option, most people suggested splitting the money between the charities. So we’ve decided that’s what we’ll do, as well as adding to the pot and making it £250.

We’ll be giving each charity £88 to support some of the essential work they’re doing.

We’re creating SmarterCalls because we believe small good actions when aggregated can make a real and lasting difference. The small good action is to make a conference call with SmarterCalls. This makes days like this really satisfying because it proves it.

Thank you to each of you for choosing to make a conference call with SmarterCalls. We rely on you to continue using us and recommending us so we can continue to raise money for good causes through conference calls.

And here’s a message from Sanjay at the Marine Conservation Society:

“We’re really happy to have received a donation. It’s through the support of companies like SmarterCalls that MCS is able to continue to protects our seas, shores and wildlife. Thanks to all the team.”

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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