Use the Stickyboard to Collect Information on a Topic

It’s often useful to collect all the information on a particular topic into a single place. It’s a good way to start answering a question, like for example in our case we were asking: “How can we raise more money for charities through EveryMinute?”

My starting point was “what do we know at the moment?”. What we know is usually in different peoples heads, so I set up a SmarterCalls project and invited people I felt could contribute.

My objective is to collect what we know now, from a wider group as possible, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and reflect on others thoughts. At this stage I’m not looking to answer the initial question, just looking to get everything down in one place.

Using the Stickyboard, everyone will put up what they know to be Facts, Opinions or Guesses on ways to grow EveryMinute.

Here’s how it looks today (18th September 2013) – I’ll update the post in about two weeks to see how it looks then.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 17.27.07

Click on the Image to take part. The passphrase is “everyminute”

If you want to take part click on the image, enter “everyminute” as the passphrase and go to the stickyboard.

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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