Using sticky notes in workshops

Sticky notes are a great tool for solving problems collaboratively in workshops, they are so versatile, easy to use and always get everyone in the meeting involved.  I have successfully used sticky notes in variety of situations:

  • Planning a project – as a group, brainstorm all of the major tasks that are required to complete your project, draw a timeline or grid on some flip chart paper and lay your sticky notes thinking about the timing, dependencies, resources etc.
  • Defining software requirement’s – get everyone in the meeting to scribble down everything they want the software to achieve, don’t constrain the thinking, just let the ideas flow (time boxing the activity can often be useful) . Then use flip chart paper to define categories you are interested in e.g. functional groups, priority, complexity/risk. Get the group to post stickies to your categories and interesting things will come out of the debate and idea sharing.
  • Analyzing  problems – SWAT analysis, pros/cons, using Venn diagrams etc work just great with sticky notes and flip chart paper.

You will be amazed at the level of insight you can achieve when a team a people get really focused in this collaborative way.

All of the above is great when everyone can be in the same room at the same time, however, often we don’t have that luxury. Our new tools, which are currently in development, will bring this experience to distributed meetings, simply through a web browser.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some of the features on this blog and will be looking for feedback on the designs to make sure we really hit the spot.

I have only scratched the surface of the things you can do with sticky notes, use your creativity and let us know how you use sticky notes in your workshops.

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