Use a Picture it Speaks a Thousand Words

Do you find yourself on a conference call where someone says “sorry you guys can’t see what I’m drawing up on the flipchart for people in the room with me”? Or you find a conference call doesn’t work because the team need to be around a whiteboard or flipchart and don’t have the time to install fancy software?

This post’s title is a famous quote from Arthur Brisbane, Editor of the Evening Journal and future editor of the New York Times. It’s good advice from a smart man but difficult to do over a conference call, that is, until now.

We’re delighted to announce our online collaboration tools are finally here. Take a bow Sketch!, Collect! and To Do! There aim is to let you visually explain ideas, note down actions, or review designs in real time with conference call participants using a simple web browser. We’ve created a set of finely tuned and need specific sheets for you to enhance your conference call and deliver great projects.

View the video to learn more about the new SmarterCalls web application.

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