You’ve helped raise £209.88p, which charity shall we donate it to?

We need your help to decide which charity to donate revenue raised from some of our conference calls.

At Smartercalls we support charities by generating revenue for them whenever you make a conference call. They have specific pages on our site where their supporters can choose to raise money for them. Over the past few months we’ve raised money for Save The Children, The Marine Conservation Society and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We also set aside money from our general Smartercalls service, which isn’t assigned to any particular charity. We’ve raised £209.88p and I need your help in deciding how the money should be split. The three charities are:

1. Save The Children Syria Appeal

2. The Marine Conservation Society

3. The Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Please reply to this email with your vote.

To help us raise even more keep conference calling with us! If you can please help us grow by sharing our service with friends and colleagues. They can sign up at

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Ben is co-founder of SmarterCalls
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