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We want to give our users an easy way to make a difference in the world. Good causes flourish most when they have sustainable income. Every time someone uses our conference calling service we donate to one of the charities below.

Choose who you'd like us to donate to when you make a conference by selecting the charity you'd like to support.

Save the Children

Helping children survive the Syrian civil war

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Marine Conservation Society

Protecting the UK's seas and coastlines

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Birmingham Childrens Hospital

Treating 10% of children with cancer in the UK

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The Mad Hatters Charity

Giving sick and disabled kids great days out

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Homeless Outreach

Feeding 300 homeless a week in Birmingham

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Born Free Logo

Keeping wildlife in the Wild

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EveryMinute raises thousands of pounds of sustainable income

A conference call is a telephone call where more than two people can be dialed in and speaking on the same call. Businesses use conference calls every day for sales presentations, team meetings and regular updates. Our EveryMinute service allows a charity to raise money whenever a supporter arranges a conference call with SmarterCalls.

A portion of the income raised from the call is shared with your charity. This is without costing the organizer or any caller more than a regular conference call. We use local rate numbers (costing 4.3 pence per minute from a UK landline) so in fact it is cheaper than some other services.

For users this is a no brainer, why not give some of the cost of the call to a charity rather than a big multinational? It doesn't cost more with the same high quality SmarterCalls service.

EveryMinute is a long term sustainable source of income, as once a user is set up, whenever they use it, it generates income for the charity. The amount raised increases as existing users continue using the service and new ones sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you donate?

If a customer signs up from a landing page created for a charity we donate 50% of the call revenue per conference call. For a one hour conference call, with four people dialling in the from the UK, this is worth £3. To put this in perspective a £1 buys a meal for the Birmingham Homeless project and £2.95 helps Save the Children feed a child refugee for a week.

How does this work?

On a 'regular' conference call service a caller pays a "per minute" charge to be on the call. This income is shared between the telecoms companies and the conference call provider. We share the revenue with your charity.

Does it cost a caller more to use this service?

No. We use the same local rate numbers as other conference call providers. In fact because we don't charge a bridging fee like other conference call providers, it costs the conference call organiser less.

Do you use expensive premium rate numbers?

No, we use local rate 08444 numbers costing 4.3 pence per minute from a UK landline.

Do you have international dial in numbers?

Yes, we have numbers for 12 countries including the USA and many European countries.

What does a charity have to do to use this service?

Once you've signed up, you inform your supporters about the service via your website, newsletters and fundraising literature. We work with you to define the best way of doing this. We take care of the registration process, the telephony, running the service and supporting users. We send you a report at the end of each month letting you know how much you've raised.

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Independent and based in the UK we're a provider of high quality conference calling and collaboration products. We're making sure talking really does make a difference with products such as EveryMinute.

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